DISTED Pre-University Full Scholarship Award

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Disted is offering full scholarships to deserving students in their pre-university programme.


Applicant must meet all the below requirements

1) This scholarship is applicable to citizens and permanent residents of Malaysia only

2) The applicant must be a registered student of DISTED College

3) The Pre-U FULL Scholarship application deadline is 23rd April 2018

4) The award will be based on the following criteria:

a. Actual SPM/IGCSE results of the year 2017 (10 A’s and above) (A+, A, A-)b. Co-curricular activitiesc. Interview is requiredd. Personal Statement (400 – 500 words)e. Any other outstanding personal achievement

5) Only results of the most recent sitting will be considered. Applicants MUST obtain theirresults in only one sitting and not combine them over several examination sessions

6) The award will cover TUITION FEES and MPU FEES ONLY for the entire duration of the program

7) Should students fail to complete the program in the stipulated time, the subsequentsemesters must be paid in full

8) For students in the A-level programme, should the recipient choose to switch durations, thescholarship will be null and void on the subsequent semesters.

9) Should students defer or switch to a new program, the scholarship will be null and void

10) Recipients of this award are NOT required to perform any compulsory duties but will be required to participate in promotional activities at the discretion of the college

11) Candidates who successfully obtain the Full Scholarship will be refunded any TUITION and MPU fees paid prior to obtaining the scholarship.

12) All other conditions not stated in this T&C will adhere to the General Criteria and Conditions of the Awards and Bursaries policy

13) DISTED reserves the right to amend the above conditions at any given time without prior notice

14) The decision of the panel will be nal and no disputes/appeals/objections will be entertainedthereafter

Preferred Discipline

Pre-University Programmes

  • Pre-University
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For more information, please contact:


04-229 6579011-3390 4971

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