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+Scholarship details

Permodalan Nasional Berhad (PNB) is Malaysia’s leading fund management company with assets under management of over RM279 billion. PNB’s portfolio covers strategic investments in leading Malaysian corporates, global equity, private investments and real estate. With the aspiration to become a world-class distinctive investment house, PNB would like to invite all qualified candidates to apply for PNB Global Scholarship Award 2018.
+ Criteria
Applicant must meet all the below requirements
  • Earned a MINIMUM of 8A (A + or A ONLY, A- NOT considered) in SPM 2017.
  • Obtained a MINIMUM grade of A2 in English 1119 (GCE-O) in SPM 2017.
  • Age not exceeding 19 years on 1 January 2018.
  • Active in co-curricular and sports activities, have high leadership qualities as well as teamwork.
  • Has excellent skills and communication skills.
  • No immediate family has ever received or received any Scholarship Award from PNB.
  • Sucessful applicants will enroll in a preparatory course at Kolej Persediaan in Malaysia before going on to pursue a Bachelor’s Degree at universities selected by PNB, based on PNB’s requirements.
  • Candidates are required to write in Bahagian IV carefully (in application form) with ONLY THREE selected courses except Pharmacy, Dentistry, Medicine and any other course unrelated to PNB.
  • Upon passing the preparatory course and meeting other requirements, applicant must obtain a place at universities selected by PNB for their Bachelor’s Degree level studies.
+Preferred Discipline

EXCEPT medicine, dentistry and courses NOT related to PNB.

  • Accounting & Business
  • Arts & Communication
  • Aviation & Maritime
  • Computer & Multimedia
  • Education & Languages
  • Engineering & Architecture
  • Environmental & Marine
  • Law & Humanities
  • Maths,Sciences & Technology
  • Pre-University
+Amount Info

How to apply for PNB Global Scholarship Award 2018

1. Fill in ALL the required information in the application form (found below)

PNB Global Scholarship Award 2018 Advertisement
PNB Global Scholarship Award 2018 Application Form

2. Insert copy of SPM 2017 results slip, as well as copies of relevant certificates and documents as listed in application checklist found in Bahagian XI of application form, which has been verified (disahkan) by:
School principal; OR
Pegawai Kerajaan or Badan Berkanun Kumpulan Pengurusan orProfesional (Kumpulan A); OR
Jaksa Pedamai (JP); OR
Pesurahjaya Sumpah

3. Scholarship application form must be filled in meticulously and accurately. PNB reserves the right to reject applications that are incomplete or falsified.
4. Ensure all documents listed in the ‘Senarai Semak Penghataran Dokumen’ in Bahagian XI of application form (found below) is verified and attached.
5. Fill in your FULL NAME in the upper section and post the completed application form to:

Jabatan Pendidikan
Permodalan Nasional Berhad (PNB)
Tingkat 38, Menara PNB
201-A Jalan Tun Razak 6
50400 Kuala Lumpur.

Contact Info

For more information, please contact:


Jabatan Pendidikan
Permodalan Nasional Berhad (PNB)
Tingkat 38, Menara PNB
201-A Jalan Tun Razak 6
50400 Kuala Lumpur.

Close Date : 26 March 2018

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